Motivational Seminars

Motivational Seminars

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One of corporate America’s most sought after speakers on the topics of goal setting, the psychology of success, and peak performance.
Donald J. Strankowski is an author, acclaimed expert, and one of corporate America’s most sought-after speakers and team building facilitators on the topics of goal setting, the psychology of success, and peak performance. He has worked with numerous organizations in the high-tech, consumer products, government, service, and retail industries helping them overcome key personnel challenges and assisting them in developing a motivated employee base.

Through his seminars, keynotes, and high-impact team building workshops, Don addresses thousands of people each year helping companies and individuals improve productivity by inspiring participants to reach their true potential.  Most importantly, Don inspires his seminar participants to take responsibility and to take action to ensure their own success.  Success is not an accident — individually or collectively — success is a choice!

Don’s presentations and team building events are high-content, informative, enjoyable and entertaining. He will customize each talk, focusing on each audience’s particular needs. Don presents a series of ideas and strategies with a rare combination of humor, strategies, and logical concepts that audience members can apply immediately to get better results.

What Companies Can Expect When Hiring Don Strankowski


Don doesn’t speak in terms of confusing theory or platitudes. The information he provides is relevant, clear, concise and customized for the particular group he’s speaking to. Participants will find this information to be motivating, practical and relevant.


The programs Don offers are high energy, humorous and engaging. Donald loves to interact with audience! He is often throwing stress balls, T-shirts, or maybe even bringing someone on stage with him (and rewarding them kindly!). The material really “sticks” when a speaker like Don has the natural ability to emotionally connect with the audience.


The net result coming from Don’s seminars are motivated attendees that now have the tools to succeed. For companies, this translates into happier, more productive employees that will create more value for the organization.

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“Don is not only a mesmerizing storyteller, he is also dynamic speaker unlike any other that is on the verge of his own greatness. Don walks his talk and talks his walk with authenticity and charisma.”
Cheri Lutton

President, CCQH, Inc. and Founder, Mirrors of Love multimedia vision

“You handle motivational meetings masterfully, providing your listeners with practical, efficient and logical information that encourages them to employ the principles of goal setting and positive thinking in their own lives.”
Michael Beam

President, Strategic Business Directions

“Not only are you an excellent presenter, you provided extremely valuable advice for our students and alumni. Your presentation was so well received, that the participants said that it was the best in the entire series.”
Kate Pennella

Graduate & Professional Programs, Colorado State University

Audience comments after a 2020 presentation

“Don is excellent!”
“Dynamic speaker.”
“Top notch. Realistic and energizing.”
“Outstanding! Don presented specific to-do’s to rise above the crowd.”
“Don makes a great presentation in taking your career and life to the next level.”
“Passion and motivation came out as the main factors. I needed to hear that.”

Don’s most requested keynote and seminar presentations


Leading by Example: 5 Steps for Becoming an Effective Leader in Work and Life

Some people are leaders of companies, teams, departments, or groups. Others are leaders in their family. However, the one thing we all share is that we are all leaders of our own life. Leading by Example is a very motivational and inspirational program focusing on becoming a better leader in work and life by following 5 proven action steps for personal growth by encouraging those around you to set the bar higher, give back, and achieve their goals.

Over the Top: 4 Action Steps for Inspiring Others and Reaching Your True Potential

Gravity is everywhere is today’s society. Constant news of layoffs, domestic and international strain, and financial turmoil can wreak havoc on a person’s attitude, psyche, and willingness to step out and reach their true potential. Over the Top shows attendees how to employ 4 simple steps for performing better in their profession, set goals for maximum achievement, program themselves for success in overcoming obstacles and developing/keeping a positive attitude, and challenging others to set the bar higher and reach their true potential.

Winning with Teamwork!

Successful organizations consistently demonstrate the importance of teamwork in achieving a positive outcome to a project or major goal. Individuals rarely achieve what a team can achieve through teamwork. Don Strankowski presents the 7 Power Principles behind all successful teams and how high-performing organizations implement each principle in determining their vision and then executing a plan for success.

Success is a Choice

The starting point of all success is the development of a positively-oriented thought process. You must become a success in your thinking long before you achieve it in your reality. The most important single step you ever take on the road to success in any given field, is the decision to change your thinking. Impress into your mind an unshakable belief that you can and will achieve your goals.

Breaking out of the comfort zone, overcoming fears, employing the power of persistence, developing a positive attitude, goal setting, and becoming the best at what you do are the central themes in this presentation. Don supports his ideas and principles with uplifting real-life stories and motivational anecdotes.

Success is a Choice is an ideal presentation for organizations looking to inspire and motivate employees; challenging each person to take ownership and responsibility for their own success. The net result of this seminar are motivated, engaged employees that now have the tools to succeed. This presentation is interactive, fun and entertaining!

Every Minute Counts! – Taking Responsibility for Your Own Success and Motivating Customers into ACTION

For today’s organizations, image IS everything. Customer service is paramount; if your customers are dissatisfied, and in some cases only satisfied, it can reflect on your organization’s image, performance, and moral.

From the receptionist’s tone and voice over the phone to an initial meeting with a staff member, client’s opinions and assumptions about an organization are often created in the first few minutes of contact. With this in mind, it is vital for today’s organizations to teach the concept that everyone’s role is important; from the front desk associate on up to the CEO.

Organizations that operate in today’s highly-competitive marketplace must employ the mindset that the “motivation” of clients and customers to take action starts with the employees themselves being motivated to take action. Engaged and inspired employees result in happy and well-satisfied customers and clients!

Goal Setting for Success: A 7-Step Action Plan for Achieving ANY Goal

Goal setting is the number one common denominator among all highly successful people and organizations. We are all motivated by purpose and desire. We are never really happy or fulfilled unless we are moving toward the accomplishment of something that’s important to us.

The people who are the best in their field, occupation, or discipline know what they want and have an action plan for achieving it. The ability to set goals and make plans for their accomplishment is integral to your success as it relates to anything in life that is worth pursuing. Developing this one skill will do more to ensure your personal success—and your organization’s success—more than anything else.

In this seminar, learn how to develop higher levels of passion and desire, get motivated and stay motivated, and how to employ a 7-step action plan for achieving any goal.

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