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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never hired a career coach before. How does the process work?

We have a very simple process to get started. Simply schedule free initial consultation by calling 877-212-3310 or using this form. An Ascend Career Coach will reach out within 24 hours (often same-day) to schedule your consultation. The call usually takes 20-30 minutes. Your Ascend Career Coach will listen to your situation, offer some advice, and make a recommendation on a coaching plan based on your particular needs. If you choose to, we can also send you a quote for services that same day. We can then begin once the coaching plan or session has been purchased.

How long has Ascend been in business?

Ascend was started on September 1, 2001 in Boulder, Colorado. We are proud to say that we tout very humble beginnings in the early years, often meeting our clients in coffee shops, by phone, or in restaurants. Based on the success of our coaching model and dedication of our coaching staff, we have grown to have 8 offices in 7 states and work with clients from many different occupations, industries, and backgrounds. Despite our growth, we have never lost sight of our #1 goal and passion – to help successful people like you take their career and often their life to the next level. As our moniker states: Your success is our full-time job!

I found your site online but don’t live in one of the cities or areas where you have an office. Can I still get help?

Absolutely! We do have 8 office locations across 7 states but have worked with clients across the United States and even internationally. We have an extensive network of business partners and contacts that we utilize for any client whom we can assist. We also employ a ubiquitous coaching model that has proven to be effective which means our plan for your success wouldn’t change based on your location. We would utilize our vast network of local resources and contacts to help you find recruiters, target companies, hiring managers, and resources that will facilitate and expedite your job search or career change.

I heard career coaching is really expensive. How much does it cost?

The bigger question is how much does staying in an unfulfilling job or career cost you? If a professional career coach can help you reduce your job search time by even 1 or 2 months, for most people, that’s $5000 – $25,000 in extra income in your pocket which is far less than the price of any of our coaching programs. Our sessions start at $195 with the average client investing between $1000 – $2500 to achieve their goal. We also offer a 15% bundle discount when multiple sessions or services are purchased upfront and up to a 30% discount for some of our more robust coaching programs.

What sort of credentials do your coaches have? What makes them job search or career change experts?

All of our Career Coaches and Resume Specialists have been in their line of work and profession for more than 10 years and have acquired career training and certifications from leading colleges, universities, and career training facilities. All have been trained on the Ascend methodology of career coaching and resume assembly that has been proven to garner results regardless of the strength of the economy and job market. To read more about our team of Career Coaches and Resume Specialists, visit the Our Team page.

Can I meet my coach before committing?

Yes. You’ll have an opportunity to meet with your coach one-on-one during your initial consultation and if you have any questions thereafter. Just as important as the level of career expertise and coaching acumen each coach brings to the engagement is the “fit” between the student (you) and the teacher (your coach). All of our coaches are very well-versed in working with clients from many different types of industries, occupations, and levels or education and are especially in tune with the emotional element that comes along when making a major job, career, or even life change.

Will my career coach be available in-between our coaching sessions if I need advisement?

Yes. Your career coach will be available for ad hoc consultations to answer questions and offer advice in-between scheduled coaching sessions at no additional cost. This is part of our service level and commitment to you. We realize important questions can arise from contacts, recruiters, and hiring managers at any time. We often have instances where job offers come in that require immediate attention and consultation between the client and coach. We can utilize text messaging, phone, email, and video—even after hours if need be and feasible.

Will I meet with the same coach throughout my engagement?

We feel it’s extremely important to develop strong rapport with all clients so your coach will be your main point of contact for all sessions from start to finish. We do employ a separate team of Resume Specialists that will assist you in the development of your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile at which time your Career Coach will act as a project manager. We have a strong team concept at Ascend, so if we need to leverage the knowledge, expertise, or contacts of another coach at any point in the engagement, we will certainly make that happen.

Will the career coach I work with also write my resume if I need one?

We employ a separate team of Resume Specialists that will assist you in the development of your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile at which time your Career Coach will act as a project manager. All Resume Specialists on staff have completed formal training and met the highest standards Ascend Career and Life Strategies mandates. This “specialized” approach allows each professional, your coach and the resume writer, to focus on what it is they do best. To read more about our team of Career Coaches and Resume Specialists, visit the Our Team page.

What kind of prep work does my career coach do before each of our coaching sessions?

Ascend Career Coaches are continually doing research on the latest business news and trends affecting their client base. They often email their clients links to potential openings, skills building ideas, and news about target companies who are hiring and, in some cases, laying off workers. It is our job to stay on top of the latest economic and job market developments and create a symbiotic relationship with all of our clients. We act as another set of eyes and ears to help you reach your career goal in an expedited manner.

I really don’t like networking on my own. Does Ascend help me with introductions to recruiters and hiring managers at companies I might be interested in working for?

One of the benefits of working with Ascend is our deep network of industry and recruiting professional contacts and connections. This is a product of being in business for over 20 years and covering multiple US markets. We cannot definitively guarantee we will introduce you to a decision maker or recruiter at a particular target company, as every client has a different job search goal. But, part of our job is to facilitate an introduction on a client’s behalf whenever and wherever possible.

I’ll be talking to other career coaches. What should I ask them?

We wish more prospective clients would ask this question! Here are some questions you can ask as you speak with other career coaches:

  • How long have you been a career coach?
  • How did you gain your expertise?
  • What is your methodology for working with clients who are a) looking for a similar position in a similar industry and/or b) looking to make a career change?
  • What are your key competitive advantages when compared to other career coaches?
  • What else do you do besides coach? Have you authored any books, write a blog, conduct public speaking engagements, work with any media companies (TV, news, or radio), or do pro bono work?
  • What is your success rate?

If I work with Ascend, will I be guaranteed a job?

Much like a hitting coach in baseball can’t guarantee a batter they will hit a homerun their next time up, we can’t in good faith guarantee anyone a job. What we can guarantee is that as one of our esteemed clients, you’ll receive the highest level of professional coaching, resources, and guidance available today that will prepare you to land the job you are targeting.  

Will my career coach apply to positions for me?

We do not actually apply to any positions on a client’s behalf.

However, your Ascend Career Coach will be an outstanding resource for you for open positions, news, trends, ideas, exercises, and possible introductions as it all pertains to your job search goal.

Can I talk to former clients who have worked with Ascend about their experiences?

Yes. References are available upon request after the completion of a free initial consultation. In the meantime, feel free to check out our Google Reviews!