Resume Preparation Services

Resume Preparation Services

Maximize your Resume’s Potential

Ascend Career and Life Strategies will assemble a resume that positions any candidate as a solid fit for the job they are applying for and maximizes their chances for getting hired in today’s highly competitive job market — we guarantee it.

Recent studies have shown that do-it-yourself resumes simply aren’t effective. A well-constructed resume is any candidate’s calling card to a successful career. To get maximum results, it should be based on the things they’ve achieved, accomplished, and excelled at with limited attention given to the things they were merely expected to do. Today, there is simply too much competition for any job seeker to base their odds of being hired on previous duties and responsibilities alone.

According to a survey of subscribers, half of those surveyed had written their own resume, and the other 1,000 had used a professional resume writer.

Those with professionally written resumes were

40% more likely to receive job offers
31% more likely to land interviews
38% more likely to be contacted by recruiters

What you will receive with ACLS Resume Preparation Services

A resume that now positions you as a TOP candidate; a document that clearly draws the parallels between your key transferable skills and areas of expertise and what today’s employers are looking for.
Professional assistance in defining your Number One Brand and a resume that defines you as an “expert” and “specialist” at what you do — a MUST in today’s competitive job market.
Assistance in the creation of a new or revision of an existing LinkedIn account. This is a must have for any job seeker.
Expert instruction on how to customize your resume to maximize your chances of gaining an interview and tips for eliminating common resume and application errors that can land you in the discard stack.
Full optimization and calibration of each client’s resume to amplify their ability of gaining a maximum ATS (Applicant Tracking System) resume scanner score, now used by over 80% of all organizations.

How the process works: Our simple 4-Step Program

1) Select your resume type using the secure Buy Now button below.

2) An Ascend C&LS Certified Resume Coach will contact you within 24 hours of receipt to confirm your order. They will also schedule a time to conduct a phone consultation to gather all relevant information to begin assembling your resume. The average turnaround time for the initial draft is 5-7 business days from the date of the first phone consultation.

3) Your Ascend C&LS Certified Resume Coach will assemble a high-impact resume per your needs, goals, and job or career target. All resume package plan customers are allowed one free round of changes and revisions upon completion of the initial resume draft.

4) Upon final completion, your Ascend C&LS Certified Resume Coach will email to you the finished version and schedule a phone session with Ascend President and Career Coach, Don Strankowski. Don will coach you on the most effective means of sending, editing, distributing, and customizing your resume for maximum impact.


At Ascend, your success is our FULL-TIME JOB!