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New Strategies for a New Job Market

New Strategies for a New Job Market

New Strategies for a New Job Market: 7 Power Techniques for Getting You Hired in Today’s Real World at Work

Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN-13: 978-0595496044
Cost: $21.95

At no time in history has the job market ever been more competitive.  Today, to be noticed and to get hired, one must employ new tactics and new strategies. Don Strankowski, one of America’s leading authorities on job search strategies and personal achievement, offers the ultimate guide for getting hired in the 21st Century. New Strategies for a New Job Market will provide any job seeker with the necessary tools, tips, and advice to ultimately win the job they desireregardless of the strength of the employment market. You will learn simple and effective strategies to:

  • Employ a powerful plan for developing a positive mindset, winning attitude, and higher levels of confidence and persistence.
  • Understand how today’s job market really works and what companies are looking for in their ideal candidates.
  • Determine your Number One Brand and top area of expertise.
  • Create a winning resume that positions you as an expert at what you do and propels you to the interview phase.
  • Immediately develop and utilize 7 innovative job search techniques that will separate you from the vast majority of all other job seekers.
  • Become one of the top people in your field—earn more money and be promoted faster.

 Donald J. Strankowski is founder and President of Ascend Career and Life Strategies, LLC, a career training and professional development firm for businesses, professionals, and executives. Through his coaching practice, consulting engagements, and seminars, Donald has helped thousands of people land a better job, improve their level of performance, change careers and start their own business.

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GET HIRED!: 10 Simple Steps for Winning the Job You Desire-in Any Economy

Get Hired! 10 Simple Steps for Winning the Job You Desire in Any Economy

Format: Paperback
Pages: 319
Cost: $23.95
ISBN: 0-595-32630-7

Most conventional job search strategies are simply not effective anymore. To be successful in today’s ultra-competitive job market, one must employ NEW tools and NEW strategies for gaining notice and getting hired. Get Hired! will provide you with the necessary advice and strategies to conduct a successful job search campaign, and do so regardless of the strength of the employment market.

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 Success is a Choice

Success is a Choice

Donald J. Strankowski
Digital CD
Price: $24.95

The starting point of all success is the development of a positively-oriented thought process. You must become a success in your thinking long before you achieve it in your reality. The most important single step you ever take on the road to wealth and financial independence or success in any given field, is the decision to change your thinking.  Impress into your mind an unshakable belief that you can and will achieve your goals!

Donald’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious as he shows you how to:

  • Set aside inhibitions and develop a high-achiever’s mindset
  • Break out of the comfort zone
  • Develop higher levels of persistence in everything you do
  • Achieve ANY goal by using a 7-step action plan
  • Cancel out fears and self-limiting beliefs and develop higher levels of self-confidence
  • Program your subconscious mind to work FOR you
  • Become the best in your field – earn more money and be promoted faster

Donald Strankowski presents the ultimate program for improving the quality of your life – both personally and professionally. Success is not an accident, Success is a Choice!

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