Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Customized Career Coaching

We employ a unique and proprietary approach to the career coaching process which is designed to chop a significant amount of time off of your job search. We offer support, advice, tools, and resources to enable you to land a new position in an expedite manner. Most of our clients are hired in a new position within 45 days of the initial engagement date, or 60-70% quicker when compared to the average search time of 5-6 months.

Ascend understands the needs of today’s job seeker or career changer and will give you the advantages you need to compete in today’s highly-competitive job market. At Ascend, we don’t employ a one-size-fits-all philosophy. The needs of our clients are all unique which results in an individualized written action plan that will work specifically for you.

What exactly is a career coach?

Career coaching is a one-on-one individualized program designed to enhance your job performance and job satisfaction, and to provide you with the tools, focus, and techniques to more effectively manage your career challenges, transition and change. Our objective is the same as yours: To assist you in reaching your professional goals and aspirations.

A career coach’s main job is to help their client determine their skills, interests and economic needs and then establish their professional goals and objectives.

If your aspiration is to embark on a life-altering career change or simply to change jobs, a coach can assist you in designing a strategic plan to achieve your career goal. The strategies and techniques Ascend employs have worked for hundreds of our clients and they can work for you too.

No platitudes or confusing theories. Only time-proven effective techniques for getting you hired in the position you desire.

Career Coaching vs. Career Counseling

Career coaching and career counseling are often used interchangeably when evaluating the need for assistance in achieving one’s career goals. At Ascend, we employ both aspects of a counselor and coach in helping you reach your professional goals.

At Ascend, the career counseling portion of the job search model is termed “The Career Assessment Phase.” Through a series of proprietary tools, assessments, and exercises, we will clearly identify your transferable skills, areas of expertise, interests, and economic needs. The net result at Ascend is the formulation of a well-structured career path that will leverage your key strengths, skills, and aspirations.

Career coaching focuses on the strategic game plan or the “X’s and O’s” that are required for you land the job you desire. Career coaching utilizes the development of a results-oriented action plan for reaching your professional objectives by using cutting-edge tactics and strategies to gain notice and win the job.

I’m not sure I can afford a career coach. How much does it cost?

If a professional career coach can even chop one or two weeks off your job search, how much have you saved? Chances are, one or two week’s salary is far more than the cost of getting help.

Consider this: The average job search takes between 5-6 months. The average person needs between $3000 and $6000 per month to meet their economic needs.  This means that being unemployed can cost you $15,000-$36,000.

Career coaching is not just for the wealthy, executives, or well-to-do. Most of our clients are early to mid-career professionals, recent graduates, and successful people just like you looking to gain an edge.  We are confident we can assemble a professional coaching package to suit anybody’s needs, regardless of their present economic situation.

Our number one goal is to chop a significant amount of time off of your job search so you can earn a better salary in a better job or get back into the workforce quicker in a position that better suits your skills, interests and monetary needs.

Career coaching plans to fit your specific needs and budget

An Ascend representative will contact you within 24 hours of your purchase to arrange your first meeting.

I want to engage Ascend Career and Life Strategies to assist me in my job search, but I’m not in the Denver area. Can I still get help?

Absolutely. Many of our career coaching and professional development clients reside outside of the greater Denver area. We have opened new offices in Chicago, IllinoisAlbuquerque, New MexicoBoston, Massachusetts; Dallas, Texas; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Seattle, Washington, and have assisted clients in many locations all over the United States as well as Great Britain, France, Singapore, Japan, and Croatia. We can conduct coaching consultations via phone or Zoom. We will accommodate you based on your schedule in the most productive way possible so you can win the job you desire and reach your goals faster!

Our Full-Time Employment Promise

Ascend Career and Life Strategies will remain as a virtual resource and information base for the coaching client, answering any questions they may have and/or providing support that they may require. We will stay engaged and committed until the client reaches their goal of bona fide full-time employment.

At Ascend, your success is our FULL-TIME JOB!