Ascend Career and Life Strategies in Chicago, Illinois

Ascend Career and Life Strategies in Chicago, Illinois

Ascend Career and Life Strategies is Chicago, Illinois’ Number One Choice for effective and affordable career outplacement and transition programs

Founded in 2001, Ascend Career and Life Strategies has been successfully partnering with client companies, executives and individuals in transition. As one of the leading career management and outplacement firms nationwide, we differentiate ourselves though our commitment to an individualized approach, employing customized solutions that address the unique needs of every organization and employee.

Our location in Downtown Chicago

With a riverside location on Chicago’s prestigious Magnificent Mile, and the city’s historic central business district just across the bridge, the Ascend Career and Life Strategies office at 401 North Michigan Avenue offers a superbly positioned venue. The office is located on the 12th floor of the landmark Equitable Building, which faces the downtown campus of the University of Chicago and the beach. It also features spectacular views of the Wrigley Building, John Hancock Center, the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.

Chicago location
401 North Michigan Ave.
Suite 1200
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(312) 273-5378
[email protected]

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For Individuals: Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Resume Preparation

We offer our Chicago-area professionals a high-quality blend of job seeking, career coaching, and resume preparation services on an individualized basis, including:

Career Coaching Programs

We will outline a multi-faceted plan specific to your particular needs utilizing the best career transition sites, top recruitment firms, proven social media and mobile techniques, a tiered networking approach, and a focus on Chicago, Illinois’ hottest employers as 80% of all available jobs go unadvertised. We will assist you in making contacts, assembling marketing materials, gaining interviews, and getting in front of hiring managers.

Executive Coaching Programs

Whether you are new to the position or a seasoned veteran, we will help you become a more effective leader and reduce staff attrition, increase sales and profits, take your professional development to the next level, and assist you in formulating solutions to your key challenges and day-to-day operational duties.

Resume Preparation Packages

An effective resume today needs to do an A+ job of reflecting the skills target employers are looking for right now in addition to highlighting your top career achievements. The job goes to the specialist not the generalist, so the resume also needs to be calibrated to position you as an expert and someone who goes up-and-above while employing ATS (resume scanner) and resume-SEO friendly properties. We will also update and improve your LinkedIn account at no additional charge, expounding on your key transferable skills that target employers are requesting.

For Businesses: Career Transition and Outplacement Services

Our vision of offering high-impact yet affordable career outplacement and professional development programs has inspired Ascend Career and Life Strategies’ mission of helping organizations improve productivity, maximize leadership effectiveness, and reduce workplace turnover. Our team works in partnership with organizations in designing and implementing a career development strategy to proactively prepare, guide, and transition employees to meet today’s market and workforce needs.

We do not take a “big-box or cookie-cutter” approach. The needs of both your business and your released employees are unique. Whether you employ five or five hundred, Ascend offers career outplacement services in the greater Chicago area to fit any organization’s scope and budget. At Ascend Career and Life Strategies, we specialize in getting results!

Learn more about our suite of career outplacement services

Job search seminars and workshops.
Assignment of a designated career coach and regular coaching meetings: in-person, on-site, via phone, or Zoom.
Resume, cover letter, and other supporting document assembly, review and best practices.
Development of an individualized career Marketing Action Plan for each client.
Complete social media account instruction and set up.
Enlistment with the top staffing agency and recruitment firms.
Unlimited ad hoc advisement and support in-between regular coaching sessions.
Convenient office use at any of our business center locations throughout the Chicago area.
Spousal or partner career coaching support at no extra charge.
Financial and retirement account guidance from one of our esteemed financial partners.
Our support and presence for HR and management personnel during the termination meeting(s) and process.
Need something else or have an ad hoc request, just ask!
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A non-traditional approach to career outplacement

Ascend offers a unique comprehensive and client-focused approach while offering a robust suite of services at an affordable price that is unlike traditional outplacement service and cost models. Our main focus is to provide a career outplacement and transition plan that is both in alignment with the employer’s budget and goals and provides the released employee with the professional advisement they need to land a job in an expedite manner. At Ascend, client service for both the providing company and released employee is our number one priority. No hidden administrative costs or fine print. Every outplacement plan and service we offer comes with a 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee.

Select career outplacement and transition clients

Our Full-Time Employment Promise

After the designated time period for the career transition agreement has expired, Ascend Career and Life Strategies will remain as a virtual resource and information base for the released employee, answering any questions they may have or providing support that they may require. We will stay engaged and committed until the client reaches their goal of bona fide full-time employment.

Call us at (312) 273-5378 or contact us by email at [email protected] to learn more about how we can help you assemble an action plan that’s customized, affordable, and gets results.

At Ascend, your business’ reputation, bottom line, and continued success are our full-time job!