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Client Testimonials:


"Don, Just wanted to let you know that I'm the new CEO of (company), a $10 million company with about 100 employees in five locations. The advice you gave on the references worked out perfectly.

Thanks for all the great advice and direction along the way and keep in touch.

Chuck R.
Lafayette, CO

"Don, Just a short note to shout THANK YOU! You encouraged me to prepare and present a proposal at my interview. The reaction was basically the same from all four (hiring managers): "Wow, this is for me?!" As if I had presented them with an expensive gift."

George B.
Longmont, Colorado


"Don, Wanted to tell you that I think your V-letter is the reason I have gotten a call back on each of the three resumes I have sent out. I have been particular about which companies I have applied, but have gotten a 100% response. So thank you. Anyway, thank you for your time, your interest and your inspiration."

Debra Z.
Boulder, Colorado

"Both of us really appreciate the assistance you were able to give.  You have a lot of great ideas and I see why you are so successful.  Keep up the great work.

I got the offer letter on Sunday and I will be accepting the offer and start April 1st.  Take care, and I will see you soon."

Chuck K.

Arvada, Colorado

"Don, just wanted to let you know that thanks to your timely advice, the interview went very well this morning. I would not have been nearly so well prepared had we not talked yesterday. I expect them to call me next week to schedule a technical interview."

Brian S.
Boulder, Colorado

"Don, I sent a V letter and a customized resume. Based on that I had a phone interview and the next day an in-person interview. During the interview I remembered to answer the question and stop. I didn't get long winded (as you had cautioned me). Things we did that improved my confidence in front of people and excitement in my voice (cold-calling and attending networking events) helped me in the interview."

Elliott R.
Longmont, Colorado

"I enjoyed your support, knowledge and willingness to assist me in authentic ways that fit my needs. While I didn't go through your entire program of job-finding, I think it's a worthwhile idea. You do great work. I'd be happy to share my experience of working with you with anyone who inquires."

Will L.
Longmont, Colorado

"Thanks for the discussion and recommendations today. It occurred to me that (I'll bet) it makes quite the positive impression/impact to even ask for the 3-5 most critical success areas/issues for a second interview. Thank you for your most objective and positive ideas."

Jeff M.
Longmont, Colorado

"Don, Thanks for your input and advice.  It has been a pleasure working with you as well.  Your advice has been extremely helpful.  Please use me as a reference if you need for this type of help.

Again, I appreciate your help and will keep you in mind when and if the time requires additional help. Thanks, Steve"

Steve B.

Houston, Texas

"It is obvious to me that you have a great deal of knowledge and expertise regarding the game of the job hunt. I would not even think about looking for a job without your help."

Joe W.
Erie, Colorado

"I found your seminar informative and the examples in the workbook to be very useful and I mention that whenever someone asks. Keep up the good work!"

Jerry M.
Lafayette, Colorado

"Hi Don, Really enjoyed your Get Hired! seminar on 6/24.  Since I'm "task oriented," the specific steps for finding openings, composing a resume and v-letter, and interview tips will all be very useful in my job search. Thanks."

Don S.

Westminster, Colorado

Success Stories:

Nick T.
Boulder, Colorado

Case Study: Nick was a recent college graduate who was having difficulty landing a position due to the current economic climate and competition level in his field.  Nick employed such Ascend strategies as the Job Business Plan and Brag Book.  I also assisted Nick in developing strong interview skills; better enabling him to position himself as the ideal candidate.  Within three weeks of our initial meeting, Nick was weighing three separate job offers and later accepted a position in his field of study at a salary above his goal. 

Byron C.
Longmont, Colorado

Case Study: Byron was a tenured worker who had been in the workforce for three decades.  His main concern was that his age might come into play when being considered for future job opportunities.  Using such Ascend techniques as the V-Letter, Customized Resume, Job Business Plan, and Cold Calling, we assembled an action plan that landed Byron a position within his industry of choice with a shorter commute and at a higher rate of pay.

William L.      
Longmont, Colorado
Case Study:
William and I conducted a thorough career assessment including introspective written and verbal exercises and an independent online assessment analysis. We sorted out and discussed relevant criteria to assist William in determining what career path to choose. After clarifying his skills, interests, and economic needs, William returned to his business of conducting self-development seminars in the Boulder, Colorado area.

Chuck S.
Boulder, Colorado
Case Study:
Chuck made a successful 180 degree career transition from an independent business owner to a National/International Accounts Coordinator for a leading outdoor clothing and accessory manufacturer based in Broomfield, Colorado. Chuck employed such Ascend strategies as the Job Business Plan, Delivery and Follow-Up Methods, and Interview Skills Coaching to win the position. It was later determined that Chuck was chosen for the position over approximately 300 other applicants.

Client contact information and references are available upon request.

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