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Ascend Recruitment and Staffing Services

We offer employee staffing and recruitment solutions at a lower cost than traditional models. Let us find your new Superstar Employee today!

According to recent studies, replacing an employee today costs on average, 2-3 times the annual salary for any given position. This means that when trying to fill a $50,000/year position, most companies will invest $100,000–$150,000 by the time the recruitment and hiring process is complete and the employee is actively contributing.

Let Ascend Recruitment and Staffing Services do the heavy lifting for you. We have a turn-key solution for finding your next high-performing employee. Your organization will be more proficient in attracting, hiring, training, and retaining proven performers. Most companies that hire a professional firm in sourcing, recruiting, and interviewing candidates have experienced a 100–1000 percent ROI in as little as 6 months by hiring the right person the first time and eliminating costly turnover.

With so Many Choices, Why Ascend?

  1. We offer the lowest rates in the industry—period. We don’t have the overhead fees or costly commission charges or other larger firms.
  2. Expertise across multiple industries: IT, Finance, Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Government, Consumer Products, Professional Services, and more.
  3. A simplified agreement. We can get started on filling your position immediately, often the same day.
  4. An Ascend Recruitment Professional to assist and act as your dedicated point of contact. We employ only bona fide, high-performing recruitment professionals to find your company the top talent it deserves.
  5. Employment Guarantee. We guarantee all of our candidates that you hire. No risk, no hassle.

Locating Top Talent

Ascend employs a proprietary sourcing system and database of viable candidates to assist your company in locating top talent so you can focus on what really counts: building your business and your brand. Most companies today place a “public” listing almost immediately when an opening occurs. Simple, yes. However, it is one the least effective ways to attract a top performer. Ascend will assist your hiring team in finding the best candidates in the most cost-effective manner possible – better candidates at a lower cost. We employ a database of pre-screened applicants and professionals. We will send you only the top matches and most qualified candidates for any job requisition.


Contact Ascend Career and Life Strategies for a free initial consultation to see if our program is right for you.  Call 877-212-3310 or email to schedule your free evaluation now. 


Additional hiring and recruiting services at no additional cost

  • Writing a Winning Job Description: Are your job descriptions attracting the best candidates or scaring them off?  Unfortunately, many job descriptions today are far too lengthy.  Others are only 3-4 sentences long.  We will consult with your organization on writing only winning job descriptions in a clear, proactive, and succinct manner that attract the best people.
  • Defining the Key Critical Areas: In most all positions, 80 percent of the results come from the top 20 percent of the responsibilities. Yet most hiring managers are focused on filling almost all job criteria. Some searches can needlessly take months to complete, wasting valuable time, money, and resources. By allowing Ascend to work with your organization and assemble a list of Key Critical Areas, you can be assured that the candidate you hire will be the best person for the position and efficiently fulfill your most critical job requirements.
  • Establishing the Common Denominators of Top Candidates: We will work with your hiring team on what to look for in TOP candidates; the proven skills, tools, and traits exemplified by only the best people. We are experts in finding the best people and can reduce your yearly turnover by 50 percent while helping you build a winning team in an expedite manner.
  • Sourcing Your Next Rockstar Employee: We employ only full-time dedicated recruiters who have a proven track record of success in finding the ideal employee for your organization. We utilize the latest sourcing tools and techniques in locating top talent in a highly competitive job market. We leverage 20+ years of experience in hiring, training, and recruiting while employing our brand of exemplary customer service in working with you to help you achieve your hiring goals. We are dedicated and passionate about what we do – helping your company field a team of Rockstar talent to be the best in your industry!

Hiring Ascend Career and Life Strategies to work with your organization will ensure you are hiring only the TOP talent. Our goal at Ascend Career and Life Strategies is to assist you in reaching your business objectives by implementing time-proven strategies that get RESULTS.


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